Welcome to Armor Industries Corp.

Armor Industries is an Oklahoma based record storage and
management company that offers confidential information storage and
management, digital imaging, printing(large and small format), and
secure records shredding.

Armor Industries facility is climate controlled with 24/7 security and
state-of-the art fire suppression system. We utilize an inventory system
that allows you to customize and monitor all aspects of your
management system. This system also allows you to order pick-ups and
deliveries at our web-site, armorindustriescorp.com. Our goal is to save
you time, effort, and money!

Below are reasons Records Retention programs work:

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Mike Smith
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•        Gain convenient, reliable access to active files on a 24x7 basis.
•        Significantly reduce document management cost.
•        Ensure broader, yet more controlled access.
•        Reclaim valuable space in your facility.
•        Ensure consistency and compliance in your program.
•        Enhance continuity between onsite and offsite files.
•        Ensure an unbroken chain of custody.